Our Philosophy

We are a software developer of games, mobile apps and eLearning services. Our mission is to build innovative software and services for physical and web-based distribution.

For more than two decades we have nurtured a healthy, family-style, business model that has allowed us to keep a single, cohesive, management team in place throughout all our years of service. Allowing us to keep a laser focus on our passion .

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Our History

Our first decade was dedicated to carving out a place in the world of Indie Game Development.
Our second decade saw our teams transitioning to the application of game theory, design & engagement for a collection of corporate clients.
Our most recent years have been dedicated to the perfection of our craft and the expansion of our community.

Meet Our Team

Yon Hardisty


Nicholas Murphy


Jean A. Ames


Niraj Manandhar

Senior Project Engineer

Robert Souza

News Editor / Social Specialist

Niran Manandhar

Project Engineer

Yit Lee

Business Development Lead


Global Contract Resources